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Voted best Martial Arts school in Baltimore
Serving the community for nearly 40 years
Age specific programs for children, teens, and adults starting at age four.
Program benefits: self-defense, fitness, self-discipline, flexibility, and improved confidence
Time tested and proven successful program—Results are guaranteed!
Professional instruction
Black Belt training and Leadership Program
Training program tailored to individual goals
Tens of thousands of students have made us their choice for studying the Martial Arts.

Worldwide Kenpo Karate has been leading the martial arts industry for over 35 years by developing innovative self-defense programs for children, adults, and martial arts professionals. We have helped tens of thousands of students reach their personal goals.

The mission of Worldwide Kenpo Karate is to build a community of people striving to develop a strong mind and healthy body. Our program teaches effective self-defense in a fun and encouraging environment while instilling the life skills and character of a true martial artist.

Values such as respect, patience, self control, and integrity, enables our students to achieve a positive attitude, confidence, high self esteem, and a healthy spirit. These life skills and values will lead to outstanding improvements in physical fitness, mental health, academics, careers, and relationships.

Joe Palanzo,Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association (WKKA) Founder and President, has over forty years of martial arts teaching experience, and is a pioneer in the martial arts world. Mr. Palanzo has long enjoyed an international reputation and critical acclaim for his proficiency in the martial arts and innovative capacity for introducing and developing martial arts skills among diverse audiences.

The WKKA offers resources for martial arts instructors and school owners. Instructor Certification and School Licensing Programs are available through the WKKA and allow schools to benefit from our innovative children, teen, and adult curriculums. The programs have been tested and proven to bring out the very best in every martial artist.

Fearless Females on Montel

WKKA Vice-President Tom LoVarco, owner of the American Black Belt Academy in Long Island, NY,  took one of his top ranked demonstration teams to perform on the Montel Willaims Show.                            Click Here to see Amanda, Ardo, Allie, Tiara, and Alex in action!

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